Itinerary 2023

Table of Contents

Opening day

Thursday 19.10 

Wyndham Grand Athens, 2 M.Alexandrou Street, Metaxourgio                      

Hera 1 & 2 , 1st floor 18:30

Group poster-photography exhibition: 10 years of “Petit Paris” moments

See. Visual arts-photography-street art

Learn about the history and activities of the festival and meet the people of the festival accompanied by wine and French music.  

Vanila Swing 

Square in front of Wyndham Grand Hotel Athens, Metaxourgeio, 20:00

Vanila Swing, following a 10-year career in the music field, return renewed and even stronger and promising a wild evening in a dancing mood. They offer a lively and dynamic live performance with their own songs and hits arranged as only they know how, in Greek and foreign repertoire! Swing, rock ‘n’ roll, blues & rockabilly from 1950, with the freshness of today’s sound while maintaining their vintage aesthetic. Arrangements ranging  from Queen to CCR, Beatles, Ray Charles και White Stripes. What can Elvis, Chuck Berry and Wanda Jackson have to do with the above? You will figure it out live, with Vanilla Swing.  

Lida Angelaki: Voice

Andreas Kampylis: Guitar

Stavros Raptis: Contrabass

Dimitris Grigoriadis: Drums

Konstantinos Zotos: Piano

Street events and open air concerts

Thursday 19.10

Vanila Swing 

Square in front of Wyndham Grand Hotel Athens, Metaxourgeio, 20:00

See. Opening day 

Friday 20.10

Tarantella meets Tango 

under the sounds of Encardia and Tanguerissimo in a show full of dance and street theater.

Agios Pavlos Square , 20:00

Professional tarantella dancers invite the audience to ecstasy with the traditional dance from Lower Italy. 

Guided by the “Baile de Barrio ” tango dance school, the wild party will continue withl an open square milonga.

Stilt walkers, mimes and ballerinas enrich  the setting adding a Venetian approach to the action.


Encardia: Kostas Konstantatos (percussion instruments, mandolin, song), Vangelis Papageorgiou (accordion, harmonica, song), Natalia Kotsani (song, guitar, percussion instruments), Konstantina Kalkani (dance), Anastasia Drouga (dance)

Tanguerissimo: Marios Strofalis (piano) – Kostas Vlachopoulos (chromatic harmonica) 

The dance team BAILE DE BARRIO by Kostas Nikolaidis.

The Teatro Theama Team by Nikos Makkas.

The mime Fanis Kafousias, founder and initiator of the Contemporary Dance Pantomime and the ballerina Panagiota Adamopoulou. The landscaping team of Agios Pavlos, the executives and the parents’ club of the Caramela kindergarten are participating.

Saturday 21.10

Freestyle Football Contest 

Agios Pavlos square, metaxourgio 18:30

Aspiring football players show off their skills in artistic street football. 

The Winners of the competition are those who will achieve the most bounces of the ball without letting it touch the floor. Who will keep the ball in the air longer?

Registration half an hour before the start of the contest.

FreeStyle football show by the master of the genre Alexandros Pitsalidis Agios Pavlos square, metaxourgio 20:00  

Hiphop & break dance by the Greek champion and Finalist in the world final of Redbull Dance Yourstyle in Paris, October 2019, Erotokritos Pantazis (Rekoz) and Angelos Prekas Poppin’ 50

Sunday 22.10


Petanque Park – Deligianni and Andromachis street (opposite the Attica Traffic Coordination Center)

Play Petanque! 11:00-17:00                 

We invite you to get to know and have fun with the traditional social sport of the French, petanque, which is starting to fascinate the Greek public. It is open to all  ages regardless of gender and physical condition. First a demonstration is held and afterwards the tournament follows.  Participation is open to all. 

Painters in Monmartre 11:00-15:00   

Portraits and Emotions accompanied by French waltzes “transfer” the Petanque Park to the grand Paris. 

Fanis Kafousias 12:00-14:00

Face painting from the artistic team ‘’Mountzoures’’     12:00-14:00                                                    

The beloved mime, Fanis Kafousias offers us a unique entertaining act with a modern dancing pantomime and his special wave motion.

“Athens Municipality Philharmonic Orchestra” Concert 12:30            

Group “Teatro Theama” of Nicos Makka (stilt walkers) 12:30     

“The mouse and Madam Li” 13:00-14:00                          

Fairytale narration by the author of children’s books Efi Sakka and visual act support by the illustrator Katerina Sotiropoulou. 

 Network for Children’s Rights 13:00-14:00

Teenagers participate in an experiential educational drama workshop, which will be held by the theatrologist – actor Konstantinos Marougkas.

Taking as a starting point the iconic scene “of the balcony” of Romeo and Juliet in Shakespeare’s play of the same name, teenagers and young people come together in the concept of love in the light of acceptance and freedom of expression. An experiential workshop full of re-enactments, improvisations, alternative perspectives and artistic reflection, giving the opportunity for play, expression, reflection and a lot of… theatre!

DEVA Circus Show 

Saint Paul Square, 20:00

Antonis Pasvantis, world champion of the competition held in Tallinn of Estonia “World Champion Fire artist of the year 2022”, will present a unique fire show, an impressive performance consisting of dynamic choreographies with multiple firing objects, flaming ropes, spears, dragon staff, poi and torches, creating a spectacle which will amaze young and old. A journey into the magic of the fire dance primordial art, an ancient ritual dance used by various cultures to cleanse and allow the rebirth of self and  society.

Friday 27.10

Agios Pavlos sq, Metaxourgio

Fire Circus Show with Tonia Banila and Angeliki Deligianni, (Samou str. 67)  20:00 

The group “4 theATro” presents a street theatre performance with title 4seasons. Time becomes the competitor of love. The seasons roll in alliance with time. In China is where our other half is …

A spectacular show with many circus elements that will travel the audience to a magical world through the four elements of nature. 

Y G Τse Concert  21:30

Loves’ elaborate acrobatics  (15’)

KYVOS TRAINING, Kerameon and Victoros Hugo str. 72, Metaxourgio 21:00                      

Free admission

(see Theater) 

Saturday 28.10

Shadows puppets theater – Love during Occupation

 Saint Paul Square

A beautiful girl chased by the Germans finds refuge in the shanty of Karagiozis. She has to secretly marry a Greek to escape the humiliation and torture of the Gestapo. The Germans however have different plans and come up with a satanic plot. But their power and their cunning collides with the cleverness of the “barefoo Deus ex machina” Karagiozis, who always protects the woeful Romiosyne. 

A great theater which has lasted through time and continues still to move the audience with its novel structure. 

Editing-Execution: Socrates Kotsores

Sunday 29.10

DJ Party  

See Closing ceremony


Thrursday 19.10

Encore Manouche Quartet 

L.U.X Athens, 26 Psarron & Maizonos, Metaxourgeio                                                         21:30

Tel. 2105240888. Ticket: 10 euros

On the streets of Django Reinhardt, two French and two Greek lovers and masters of French jazz manouche music meet and the journey begins.

Olivier Dubois: Saxophone

Adrien Katz: Guitar, Vocals

Giorgos Mourikis: Guitar 

Panagiotis Charalampopoulos: Bass

Friday 20.10

Tablao Flamenco

L.U.X Athens, 26 Psarron & Maizonos, Metaxourgeio                                                         21:30

Tel. 2105240888. Ticket: 10 euros

Just like love, flamenco is a unique form of art that mesmerises our soul and heart. Through songs that express the deepest emotions, dance that symbolises ecstasy and the sound of guitar that pierces the soul, the archetypal essence of flamenco emerges as a passionate and authentic culture of human existence which can be born in unexpected situations that escape established norms and expresses itself through different forms and impresses with the variety of emotions it can create.

Under the enchanting atmosphere of flamenco, love takes on vivid form and authenticity, highlighting the beauty that true human connection can create.

Yota Baron: Vocals

Stavros Pressis: Flamenco guitar

Thetis Misiou & Mariza Rizou: Flamenco dance

Pegky Zarrou: Vocals

Nikos Terzakis: Guitar, Vocals

Dimitris Monn: Guitar

One note stand – Peggy Zarrou

BeeRaki, Psiloriti 6, Larissa Station 21:30

Tel. 2108822322. Ticket: 5 euros

As love seeps in “from the little cracks between”, so does it also seep in the neighbourhoods of Athens. In Aristotelous, Stadiou, Vouliagmeni, Lycabettus. The idea most sung is that of love, and love merry-go-rounds unfold through songs on every street, in every neighbourhood of the city. However, references will also be made to other famous neighbourhoods in the world, such as e.g. on the Champs Elysées, the Alto Cedro, etc.

The band “One Note Stand”, adopts a modern perspective and a jazzy-swing style in its music by mixing and adapting old and new favourite tunes from the international, traditional and modern Greek scene, taking us on a journey under the light of the Athenian sky through the melodies of love.

Peggy Zarrou: Voice

Nikos Terzakis: Guitar, Voice

Dimitris Monn: Guitar

Corner Pockets 

Concerto Cafe Artistic, Mayer 18 & Maizonos, Metaxourgeio 21:30               

Tel. 2105243330. Ticket: 10 euros

Great love for the swing era, jazz improvisation and dance was the reason for creationing Corner Pockets. The swing band will play well-known jazz standards from the 20’s, 30’s and 40’s with a love theme, such as “Taking a chance on love”, “In a mellow tone”, “Love me or leave me” etc., and renditions of Count Basie, Duke Ellington, Illinois Jacquet, Benny Goodman and others.

Niki Perdikaki: Voice

George Koutsikoulis: Guitar

Orestis Petrakis: Piano

Gabriele Millozi: saxophone

Grigoris Theodoridis: Double Bass

Dimitris Kontos: Drums

Eros, tears & devotion 

Apollonian Conservatory, 69 Aristotelous St., Victoria Square 20:00 

Tel. 2108815219. Ticket: 5 euros

Love songs from the popular repertoire of 1930-1970.

A journey to the middle of the last century, with the multi-instrumentalists Vassilis Melidis and Christos Farmakis. Songs full of pain and heartache, telling stories of love and separation, always inspired by the immortal driving force of artistic creation, love. 

Christos Farmakis: ukulele, guitar, bouzouki, singing 

Vassilis Melidis: Uti, guitar, bouzouki, singing

Saturday 21.10

Travels of Love

L.U.X Athens, 26 Psarron & Maizonos, Metaxourgeio                                                         21:30

Tel. 2105240888. Ticket: 10 euros

Love Songs from the Mediterranean to the Atlantic will be presented by Argyro Kaparou and Teti Kassioni, together with their music partners. The journey begins from the shores of the Mediterranean, Greece, Turkey, Lebanon and Italy, passes through France, Spain, Portugal and continues to the other side of the Atlantic, crossing Argentina and Buenos Aires, Brazil with final destination New York.

Argyro Kaparou: Vocals 

Teti Kassioni: Vocals

Markos Kotsias: Piano

Vasilis Rapsaniotis: Violin

The dominant swing trio

BeeRaki,Psiloriti 6, Larissa Station                                                                              21:30

Tel. 2108822322. Ticket: 5 euros

One of the most important creators of the Greek jazz scene and discography, Giorgos Krommidas, presents his renewed project THE DOMINANT SWING TRIO. He is joined by the new up-and-coming vocalist Eleni Nika and the double bassist Yiannis Papadopoulos. The group presents a unique program which combines the fun and rhythm of swing, with the technical ability of the three musicians. Jazz standards, bossanova and funky grooves meet the tradition of swing and vocal jazz trios of the 1940s and 1950s.

Giorgos Krommidas: Guitar

Eleni Nika: Voice

Yannis Papadopoulos: Double bass

Cilia Katrali and the 3,14

Concerto Cafe Artistic, Mayer 18 & Maizonos, Metaxourgeio 21:30             

Tel. 2105243330.Ticket: 10 euros

Cilia Katrali and the  3,14 band land in Petit Paris d’ Athenes for a music-theater performance with an exploratory mood, through alternating electronic, jazz and sometimes funk sounds, ready to discover the great enigma of life about love and art, through live interaction. The audience is invited to participate in an open dialogue after the show. All arguments will be accepted, but our scientific troupe will remain unrelenting in its position of how: From Paris to Athens, from the Far East to the Wild West, it is love and art that make the world feel new every day.

Cilia Katrali : Voice, loops

Vangelis Koukounias : Plitars

Eleftheria Lanari : Percussion

Alexandros Moratis: Guitar

Distribution of flowers

Apollonian Conservatory, 69 Aristotelous St., Victoria Square 20:00 

Tel. 2108815219. Ticket: 5 euros

Two acclaimed soloists, Amalia Kountouri, flute and Eva Fampa, guitar give you “Distribution of flowers” (from the work of the same name by Villa Lobos) to the Apollonian Conservatory. A concert of romances, sonatas, serenatas and film scores, works by Schubert, Villa Lobos, Macado, Trular and others.

Eva Faba: Guitar. 

Amalia Kountouri: Flute 

Sunday 22.10

Marianna Zachou – Contradicción// Antifaseis

L.U.X Athens, 26 Psarron & Maizonos, Metaxourgeio                                                         21:30

Tel. 2105240888. Ticket: 10 euros

If love has a bright side, a tender and peaceful side, a side of anticipation and longing, at the same time it coexists with pain and loss. A music performance about love, as it is reflected musically in the languages and cultures of the world, through its various aspects and contradictions.

Neoklis Neofytidis: Piano

Michalis Porfyris: Violoncello

Marianna Zachou: Vocals

“And if you’re gone for a thousand years I’ll wait for you”

Aspects of love in the poetry of Nikos Kavvadias

Concerto Cafe Artistic, Mayer 18 & Maizonos, Metaxourgeio 21:30   

Tel. 2105243330. Ticket: 8 euros

Reflections on love are a distinctive aspect of poet Nikos Kavvadias’ rich narrative wanderings. Imaginative, idealised, urbane, melancholic, internalised, infinite, perpetual as a myth, but also nourished in the condition of absence, love generates an energy that feeds and permeates the poet’s verse, revealing the other side of the sailor’s voyage. The performance will feature selected poems set to music by Kavvadias from the collections Poussi, Marabou and Traverso, accompanied by a reading and a viewing of audiovisual material.

Vassilis Kapopoulos: Voice / Guitar  

Spyros Pratilas:  Piano

Nikos Poulakis / Spyros Pratilas: Programme Supervision / Stage Presentation

Singing women

BeeRaki, Psiloritis 6, Larissa Station 21:30

Tel. 2108822322. Ticket: 5 euros

A lyrical journey from K. Giannidis to L. Kanaris.

The musical trio takes us on a journey through time with classic love songs. 

Anna Laari & Stelios Skiadas: Voices.

Nicole Karali: Piano

Monday 23.10

MONDAY 23.10

Dimitris Aivaliotis and Vasia Vasileiou – Eros Anteros

L.U.X Athens, 26 Psarron & Maizonos, Metaxourgeio                                                         21:30

Tel. 2105240888. Ticket: 10 euros


The blond Eros, & his twin brother, the darker Anteros, in an eternal struggle over the heart of man.

It was never Eros.

It was just Anteros.


Marios Karampotis: Piano orchestrations

Elsa Papeli: Violoncello

Tuesday 24.10

Love & Rembetiko 

L.U.X Athens, Psarron 26 & Maizonos St, Metaxourgeio                                                          21:30

Tel. 2105240888. Ticket: 10 Euros

Love, the finest of all emotions, makes us cry, laugh, our hearts pump, or get angry! Rembetiko songs made hymns about love in all its forms, flirting, wedding, or forbidden love…(Love was) Sung as a dream that never was reached, as despair,as pure emotion, as longing desire! A show inspired by all the stages of love,  through words of poets, of rebetiko songs and the great compositions of their songwriters.

Katerina Tsiridou: Vocals, baglama

Nikos Protopapas: Guitar, vocals

Thodoris Ksintaris:Bouzouki, vocals

Dimos Vougioukas: Accordion

Fallen Love

Concerto Cafe Artistic, Mayer 18 & Maizonos, Metaxourgeio 21:30         

Tel. 2105243330.Ticket: 10 euros

Eros as a god, love as the ultimate happiness or the ultimate human passion or mistake or dead end, has inspired all the arts, which have praised it and continue to praise it in every way… So do songs, with their music and words, capture and convey love and its beauty with an inexhaustible variety in the inspiration of artists throughout time. There will be presented favorite and timeless songs of the Greek discography and soundtracks of Greek TV series and films of the past and present, from Attic to Zambeta and from Tsitsanis to Kraounakis, with Eros as the guest of honor!

Nasia Sotirchou: Voice

Marios Karambotis: Piano, arrangements

Manthos Moustakas: Saxophone

Wednesday 25.10

Orient Express 

L.U.X Athens, Psarron 26 & Maizonos St, Metaxourgeio                                                          21:30

Tel. 2105240888. Ticket: 10 Euros

Kyriakos Gouventas, like a train driver in the well known ‘Orient Express’, will lead us from Istanbul to Paris, through songs and music that unite East and West, such as cafe Aman and french cabaret, tango with the hungarian czardas, waltz with amane from Istanbul. His co travellers του will be the estantic performer Evi Mazi on vocals, the one and only Yannis Tsertos playing the piano and the famous accordion virtuoso Dimos Vougioukas . Synced with the relevant slogan of Petit Paris d’ Athens “l’amour dans l’arts” they will cast shades of love through their music talent, into the most erotic “Orient Express” of our heart.

Kyriakos Gouventas: Violin

Evi Mazi: Vocals

Yannis Tsertos: Piano

Dimos Vougioukas: Accordion

George Galanos – Elena Vasiliadis – Giorgos Konis

BeeRaki,Psiloriti 6, Larissa Station                                                                               21:30

Tel. 2108822322. Ticket: 5 euros

Dates in the rain of October, in the summer in Prague with the cheap wine of love of wild youth, the maybes that were never affirmed are just some of the small love stories that decided to walk singing in the neighbourhoods of the “Little Paris of Athens”.

Elena Vasiliadis: Voice

Giorgos Galanos: Guitar

Giorgos Konis: Piano

Voyage Jazz Group

Concerto Cafe Artistic, Mayer 18 & Maizonos, Metaxourgeio  21:30       

Tel. 2105243330. Ticket: 8 euros

Voyage Jazz Group and Nasia Gofa present a program dedicated to love, interpreting popular melodies from cinema, musicals, ballads of the great composers of the 20th century: George Gershwin, Cole Porter, Irving Berlin, T.Jobim, M.Legrand, Beatles. 

Nasia Gofa: Voice

Alekos Orfanos: Piano

Nikos Kalogiannis: Double Bass

Alekos Christidis: Percussion

Thrursday 26.10

Pasion Latina – Μartha Moreleon 

L.U.X Athens, Psarron 26 & Maizonos St, Metaxourgeio                                                          21:30

Tel. 2105240888. Entrance: 10 Euros

A Mexican woman and two Argentinian men in a show filled with Latin American aura. Passion sung through bolero, tango, son, milonga, bossa nova, cuban latin…

Martha Moreleon: Vocals

Herman Mayr: Piano, guitar, vocals

Damian Gomez: Percussion, vocals

Alone Together Trio

BeeRaki,Psiloriti 6, Larissa Station                                                                               21:30

Tel. 2108822322. Entrance: 5 euros

With a new record in their luggage and their favourite jazz standards, which, whether they are inspired by love, or refer to feelings that it generates through its presence or absence, Alone Together are back. With Jazz music as a vehicle, you are invited to a musical evening dedicated to the mischievous, cunning, winged God, to the inexhaustible source of inspiration of all the arts, love!

Petros Zorbas: Guitar

Thodoris Maraidonis: Double bass

Evangelia Stavrou: Percussion

Vasiliki Michalopoulou | Alexis Stenakis Duet

Concerto Cafe Artistic, Mayer 18 & Maizonos, Metaxourgeio 21:30

Tel. 2105243330. Entrance: 8 euros

Vasiliki Michalopoulou and musician Alexis Stenakis present a musical performance for voice and piano with songs and instrumental compositions from their personal discography and beyond. Songs from Vasiliki Michalopoulou’s upcoming album, Alexis Stenakis’ orchestral project “#prosopa”, as well as arrangements of songs they love and love, in a musical journey to love in all its forms.

Vasiliki Michalopoulou: Voice

Alexis Stenakis: Piano

Friday 27.10

Miranda Verouli – “Amor”

L.U.X Athens, Psarron 26 & Maizonos St, Metaxourgeio                                                          21:30

Tel. 2105240888. Entrance: 10 Euros

Jazz standards, Brazilian και latin hits, french chansons, widely loved italian and many other love songs performed through brand new covers by excellent musicians of the quartet, inviting us to travel together from Paris to Rio de Janeiro,seeking love, lost but also newly found.

Miranda Verouli: Vocals

Leonidas Sarantopoulos: Flute, Saxophone

Alekos Orfanos: Piano, synths

Socratis Ganiaris: Percussion

Κostas & Herman Tango Duet

BeeRaki,Psiloriti 6, Larissa Station                                                                               21:30

Tel. 2108822322. Entrance: 5 euros

Harmonica and tango soloist Kostas Vlachopoulos meets Herman Mayr from Argentina. Together they create a special duet based on Argentine tango and enriching it with Latin songs and blues elements.

Kostas Vlachopoulos: Chromatic harmonica

Herman Mayr: Guitar, vocals


Quadraphone / Tetrafono – Otto & Anait

Concerto Cafe Artistic, Mayer 18 & Maizonos, Metaxourgeio 21:30         

Tel. 2105243330. Entrance: 8 euros

A romantic music journey, which starts in Crete, continues in the Cyclades, in Asia Minor and reaches distant Armenia! Four musicians experiment with traditional Greek sounds, Armenian melodies, songs from their personal discography and more.

Othonas Bikakis: Cretan lyre, lute, song

Anait Safaryan: singing 

Andreas Haniotis: Violin

Elena Kyriakidi: Piano

We Three     

Typographos, 18 Kodratou Street, Metaxourgeio 21:30

Tel. 2130993067. Entrance: 7 euros

Just as love creates an explosion of emotions, music has the unique power to travel us to new worlds and express feelings of escapism. With this in mind, the piano trio will accompany us through an eclectic selection of jazz standards on a journey inspired by love, from the moment of its birth to the completion of its cycle. We Three invite you to an evening of music aimed at celebrating one of the greatest sources of inspiration in art: love.

Sophia Papakosma: Bass 

Alexandros Lykothanasis: Piano.  

Panayiotis Themis: Drums

Saturday 28.10

Marios Strofalis Quartet – Eirini Toumpaki

L.U.X Athens, Psarron 26 & Maizonos St, Metaxourgeio                                                          21:30

Tel. 2105240888. Entrance: 10 Euros

The composer Marios Strofalis along with the performer Eirini Toumpaki present their brand new hit ‘’Erotas Figas’ (Fugitive love) scattered with love songs from their new album entitled ‘A Secret Garden’, as well as other classic love songs. Furthermore, the chamber music quartet of pianist and film scorer with the intense mediterranean touch interpretes the original compositions of M. Strofalis, from European Taxim I & II collections.

Eirini Toumpaki: Vocals

Vaggelis Vergotis: Accordion

Faye Nikolopoulou: Violoncello

Laertis Kokolanis: Violin

Marios Strofalis : Piano, composition, orchestration

Frog String Trio

BeeRaki,Psiloriti 6, Larissa Station                                                                               21:30

Tel. 2108822322. Entrance: 5 euros

Frog String Trio embraces elements of the musical tradition of Greece and the Balkans, combining the classic sound of a modern bowed string trio with various alternative interpretations and orchestration techniques. Romantic yet communicative and outgoing, with elements of both old and new, presenting a musical journey of folk musicians from the past to the future, with plenty of improvisation and experimentation.

Giannis Zarias: Violin

Michalis Katachanas: Viola

Kostas Tsarouhis: Double bass

“Chordless passion”

Concerto Cafe Artistic, Mayer 18 & Maizonos, Metaxourgeio 21:30      

Tel. 2105243330. Entrance: 10 euros

The sound of the saxophone, combined with the double bass and drums, combine to create a unique atmosphere. You are invited to enjoy an evening full of love and art, as “Chordless passion” takes us on a journey through the world of music.

Dimitris Tsakas: Saxophone

Nikos Hadjitsakos: Double Bass

Iasonas Gustor: Percussion

A Love Jazz Affair – Katerina Adamopoulou trio 

Typografos, 18 Kodratou Street, Metaxourgeio 21:30

Tel. 2130993067. Entrance: 8 euros

An evening dedicated to love with favorite Jazz Standards from the “Great American Songbook”. We will explore the compositions of Irving Berlin, George Gershwin and Antonio Carlos Jobim, mentioning some – on songs made famous by Frank Sinatra and Ella Fitzgerald such as L.O.V.E, “My one and only love” etc. The trio attempts to interact through narrative and high-level improvisations, offering an unforgettable musical experience in different genres of jazz such as Latin and bossa nova. 

Katerina Adamopoulou: Voice

Tryphon Typou: Piano

George Roulos: double bass

Sunday 29.10

Odyssey – Journey of Soul with Mideia Hoursoulidou

L.U.X Athens, Ψαρρών 26 & Μαιζώνος, Μεταξουργείο                                                         20:00

Τηλ. 2105240888. Είσοδος: 10 ευρώ

An explosive, multilingual show, with traditional sounds, travelling us through Izmir, Corsica, Portugal, Caucasus, Pontus and Armenia, Balkans and Russia.. Indie and classic, in many languages and cultures, as well as selected songs from her discography. M. Hoursoulidou touches limitlessly the freedom of Romani rhythms, promises a journey of soul along with the four membered orchestra. The composer and guitarist, Areti Kokkinou, bears the show’s artistic diligence.

Mideia Hoursoulidou: Vocals

Mpoutselakis Haralampos: Bass

Areti Kokkinou: Guitar

Aggelika Papanikolaou: Accordion

Kanellou Paraskeui: Percussion

Visual arts

Χριστίνα Μακροπούλου

Group exhibition: A love letter

Cultural Center of the municipality of Athens Agios Pavlos

20-22 Agios Pavlos, Metro Metaxourgeio

Opening hours: Daily, 11:00-20:00, Saturday 18:00-21:00, Sunday 11:00-21:00 (in the presence of a curator 17:00-20:00 every day), 

Opening: Friday 20.10, 18:30


All of my true self, inside a love letter…

Α typical morning, the smell of freshly baked croissants tingled my nose.
I forgot to take my umbrella, so I just let the raindrops swiftly glide on me.

How many letters, hyperboles, sentiments either existent or nonexistent, I wonder diving into empty glances; as if I am left starring in a short film. 

Traversing the city, time and again, as long as it takes, until I find the strength to use the pen I loved and hated, the pen I turned into both a flower and a knife.

I loved you… And even though your absence kills me, you still exist within me.
Years have passed and the paper is still dumbed,  in that very word that touched off my intolerable pain.
I recall that I barely managed to save your last letter from my tears, the letter I would read for ten more years until I sealed it, as you would your greatest treasure,  for eternity into the chestbox you once gifted me.
The letter read two words,
“Forgive me”

How much love can you fit in a work of art? Do you need love to create a work of art? Is love motive, a fountain of creation? A melting heart, glances full of desire, touches that break your ego, acts that speed up time, are just a few of all the things that can ascend a creator to the universe of the greatest inspirations.
Artists, creators and photographers compose the erotic puzzle of the visual exhibition for the ten years anniversary of the Petit Paris d’Athenes.


P.S. Visitors, artists and festival volunteers are invited to participate anonymously or eponymously with their own love letter in an authorial interaction. The most inspiring love letters will be included in the anniversary album for the 10 years of Petit Paris d’Athenes.

Participating artists: 

Rena Avagianou, Maria Aristotelous, Kostas Vlahopoulos, Anna Gialeli, Antonia Gkuma, Dimitra Goutzou, Anna Demetriou, Ekaterini Diamanti, Hara Efthimioupoulou, Christina Zoi, Despina Theodorou, Elena Kalapothakou, Margarita Kovaceva, Ekaterini Kondyli, Konstantinos Kunalis, Gogo Kostalambrou, Vangelis Loudakis, Antonia Mantzouka, Christina Makropoulou, Tamara Mladenovic, Ioanna Betsy, Hara Bouka, Chrysoula Xyneli, Gogo Papavasiliou-Maria Papavasiliou-Tasia Sempsis, Eleni Pechlivani, Thanasis Roukalis, Vasiliki Spyrou, Konstantinos Stupathis, Petros Stragas, Athena Tektonidou, Nikos Tsimitakis, Stavroula Hantzi, Georgina Tsg, Just A Libertine.

Photo: Γ.Χριστογεωργάκης/Mural: Λ.Γιαννακόπουλος

Group photo-poster exhibition: 10 years of Petit Parisian Moments

National Conservatory of Manolis Kalomiris

Mayer 18 – Vathi square – Metaxourgeio

Opening hours: Daily, 17:00-20:00,

Beginning: Tuesday 24.10

Directed by: Konstantina Constantinou, Thalia Theodorakopoulou

Festival moments captured from 2013 until today.

Moments of artistic creation and execution, moments of teamwork and cooperation,

moments of tension, effort, anxiety, passion, entertainment, love and joy, moments of an

institutional parenthesis every year in the everyday life of Athens. Moments from every

Participating: The volunteer photographers who have been recording the festival for 10 years .


Friday 20.10

When I grow up, I will become Nana Mouskouri! by David Lelait-Helo (80′)

Theatre Stathmos, 55 Victor Hugo, Metaxourgeio 21:00

Tel. 2114036322. Entrance: 15 euros, 12 (student), 8 (disabled, unemployed, over 65).


Milou, a Frenchman growing up in a provincial town in the 1980s, has always differed from his peers. At age fourteen, he hears the voice of Nana Mouskouri on TV and decides: “I’m going to be Nana Mouskouri!”. A true story unfolds in a charming monologue, like an anthem about the power of dreaming, told with honesty, humour and human tenderness.

Translated by Angeliki Vouloumanou

Directed and adapted by Elissaios Vlachos

Performed by Manos Karatzogiannis

Set design – costumes: Semiramis Moschovaki

Music composition & design: Nikos Kollaros

Kinesiology: Matina Kostiani

Lighting: George Agiannitis

Photos: Athena Liaskou

Graphic Design: Konstantinos Georgantas

Assistant set designer: Lina Damianidou

Production Organization – Assistant Director: Angeliki Vouloumanou

Communications: Vasso Sotiriou – We Will

Social Media: Orsalia Pipidi

Production: “Xanthias” AMKE

Saturday 21.10

When I grow up, I will become Nana Mouskouri! by David Lelait-Helo (80′)

Theatre Stathmos, 55 Victor Hugo, Metaxourgeio 21:00

Tel. 2114036322. Entrance: 15 euros, 12 (student), 8 (disabled, unemployed, over 65).

See. FRIDAY 20.10

Κυριακή 22.10

When I grow up, I will become Nana Mouskouri! by David Lelait-Helo (80′)

Theatre Stathmos, 55 Victor Hugo, Metaxourgeio 18:15

Tel. 2114036322. Entrance: 15 euros, 12 (student), 8 (disabled, unemployed, over 65).

See. FRIDAY 20.10

Manifesto of a virgin (60’)

Texnourgeio, 63 Psaron, Metaxourgeio 21:00

Free entrance

A theatrical monologue about the fantasy of love.

The story of a young woman in today’s society, who has not yet experienced sexual intercourse. Can she escape the social beliefs, the advice of her friends and her surroundings? And what will happen when she finally does have sexual intercourse?

Original text: Danae Papastamatiou

Direction, Kinesiology: Makis Semertzidis

Set Design, Costume Design: Alexandros Piehoviak

Music: Myrsini Karmazoglou

Performance: Danae Papastamatiou

Friday 27.10

Lūzo- the prelude: outlining love (25′) 

Cultural Center of the Municipality of Athens, 20 Agiou Pavlou, Larissa Station  19:00

Free entrance 

Love through light, darkness and shadow. A performance of physical theatre inspired by the texts of R.Barthes’ A Lover’s Discourse: Fragments and J. Tanizaki’s In Praise of Shadows, comes to narrate Eros through its light, which sometimes is too much, too little or not at all. The performer, who turns into the person in love, allows herself to bathe in the light. to immerse herself in the total darkness or to sway in the shadow of what she calls love.

Concept, direction, set design and performance: Maria Papachristodoulou

Teaching/ Mentoring: Aliki Durmazer

Texts: passages from the book A Lover’s Discourse: Fragments by R.Barthes and In Praise of Shadows by J. Tanizaki.

Love’s elaborate acrobatics (15′)

KYVOS TRAINING, 72 Kerameon & Victor Hugo, Metaxourgeio 21:00                       

Free entrance

An acrobatics performance by Kyvos team. 

Love is an emotional act of tricks, as it fluctuates between joy and pain with subversive ease. When we fall in love, we feel an unspeakable euphoria and excitement that fills us with joy and energy. Simultaneously, however, love can expose us to ourselves when we face disappointments and contradictions. It is this contrast that makes love so exciting and yet complex. Nevertheless, it is this same balancing act that teaches us, empowers us and makes us evolve as human beings.

Saturday 28.10

Shadow puppets Theater – Love during Occupation

 Saint Paul Square 19:30

(see. Street actions)

Sunday 29.10

Am I the one he’s waiting for? (25′)            

Texnourgeio, 63 Psaron, Metaxourgeio 18:00

Free entrance         

A performance with elements of physical theatre.    

Shapes and colours taken from paintings of Yannis Moralis.

Words and quotes from Roland Barthes’ A Lover’s Discourse: Fragments.

Love in tangles and absolutely frightening facts.

And a body wandering around among them. Drenched in white.

At last, “Do you have the time?”

Movement design, performance: Katerina Kasidiari   

(This will be preceded by an opening act by the Texnourgeio team)

Cafe L’Amour (60′)

Cafe Concerto Artistic, Mayer 18, Metaxourgeio 19:00

Tel. 2105243330 , Entrance 10 euros  

Cafe L’ Amour. The world will be destroyed in an hour if we don’t fall in love – or fall in love more. In an age lacking poetry and passion, can we make it? A musical theatre performance with elements of stand-up comedy, interplay and poetry, with text and love letters ranging from Shakespeare and Frida Kahlo to Cavafy, Christianopoulos and Gogou.

Directed by Ioannis Makropoulos

Live Music: Manos Athanasiadis

Performed by: Ioanna Mitsiali, Ioannis Makropoulos

Educational programs & Games

Saturday 21.10

Freestyle Football competition

See street actions. 

Saturday 22.10 


see street actions 

Monday 23.10

51st primary school of Athens

Rhetorical group of the School of Philosophy of the University of Athens   08:15- 10:00

Students participate in debates and rhetoric with each other under the guidance of students and members of the rhetoric club.

Cultural Workshop, 11b Alkamenous, Larissa Station, Athens, 


The “Myrsini Zorba “Children’s Library of the Network for children’s rights

welcomes children and parents in a day full of stories about love. We will read  books by Greek and foreign authors, young and old .We will read and discover the love of friends ,nature, art, music and that feeling that tickles the senses…Which books will join us? 

Information: Phone number 2108846590 

Tuesday 24.10 

54th primary school of Athens 08:15 – 09:00

Seminar on Drugs 

The volunteers of the Foundation for a Drug Free World present the truth about drugs to inform about and prevent addiction.

55th primary school of Athens 

Rhetorical group of the School of Philosophy & Bridges of Democracy   08:15 – 10:00 

Students participate in debates and rhetoric with each other under the guidance of students and members of the rhetoric club.

Wednesday 25.10 

54th primary school of Athens 

Rhetoric Club of the School of Philosophy & Bridges of Democracy    08:15 – 10:00

Students participate in debates and rhetoric with each other under the guidance of students and members of the rhetoric club.

55th primary school of Athens    

Drugs seminar                                                                   11:00 – 11:45

The volunteers of the Foundation for a Drug Free World present the truth about drugs to inform about, prevent addiction.


Match Point, Aignanos 1 (GSEE Sidewalk, Victoria metro stop)

Hours : 19.00 – 21.00

Sunday 22 October 

Manos Stefanidis, Art Historian and Professor at the Department of Theatre Studies of the University of Athens.

Topic: Is Eros painted?

Tuesday 24 October 

Sotiris Pastakas, poet, Jenny Arseni, director and theatrologist 

Theme: Eros as a source of self-knowledge

Wednesday 25 October 

Heracles Logothetis, writer

Theme: Celebrating with Andreas Embiricos

Friday 27 October 

George Monemvasitis, Music Critic and Music Historian

Theme: vissi d’arte, vissi d’amore. Love in opera that celebrated and got celebrated by Maria Kallas(1923-1977) 

Saturday 28 October

Theme: Love scenes in their theatrical representation

Pemi Zouni actress, Vana Pefani actress, Giorgos Triantafyllidis actor

Cultural Centre of the municipality of Athens Agios Pavlos                         

20-22 Agiou Pavlou, metro station Metaxourgeio

Monday 23 October 18:30-20:00

Theme: Aristides and Alexandra Patsoglou, love as inspiration and support for a common artistic path. 

Aristides Patsoglou visual artist, sculptor, engraver


Guided tour of the museum “Alekos Fassianos”

Sunday 29.10

Alekos Fassianos Museum, 11:30

Neophytou Metaxas 15, 10439, Metro Larissa Station 

Free entrance 

The Alekos Fassianos Museum participates for the first time in the festival Petit Paris d’Athenes and welcomes young and old alike. The guided tour of the exhibition aims to introduce the public to the range of Alekos  Fassianos’ work. Works from 1956 to the end of the artist’s life are presented. The exhibition includes early works with an abstract mood from the 1960s and the early years in Paris. Works influenced by Byzantine art, collages, mixed media, obscure but widely recognizable paintings with  Fassianos’ most characteristic writing. The Myth of his neighborhood unfolds through works that represent images and experiences he acquired in the neighborhood of St. Paul where he grew up and in his wanderings in Athens. Heroes of his childhood mingle with the heroes of Greek mythology, creating the eternal hero that is man.

Closing ceremony

Sunday 29.10  

DJ Party  

Wyndham Grand Athens , M.Alexandrou 2 Metaxourgeio, Zeus Hall 22:00

Come and celebrate at the end of the 10th Little Paris of Athens.

A DJ set party open to all. Dancing to disco, blues, rock, latin rhythms like in the 70s. 


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