Table of contents

Festival Opening

THURSDAY 29.09      




Square, in front of Hotel Wyndham Grand Athens, Metaxourgio.


The performer Eirini Toubaki takes us on a journey to the “Secret Garden” – her new work on compositions by Marios Strofalis.Meanwhile the chamber music ensemble presents his original compositions from the collections European Taxim I & II, in a concert full of the cosmopolitan aroma of Smyrna and Istanbul.Marios Strofalis has long been a film  soundtrack composer and has come to be known for his mediterranean style.


Eirini Toubaki (song), Vangelis Vergotis (accordion), Faye Nikolopoulou (cello), Dionysis Vervitsiotis (violin), Marios Strophalis (piano, orchestration)


Archival photographs will be exhibited inside the hotel, courtesy of the Centre for Asia Minor Studies from 19:00. (for more information see Galleries 1922-The Passage)

Street performance and open air concerts

Friday 30.09

Friday 30.09

CONTEST FreeStyle Football / Hood Groove Show 18:30                                                                                       


Agios Pavlos Square


Aspiring football players showcase their skills in artistic street football.


(Registration half an hour before the start of the competition).


After the end of the competition the Hood Groove hip-hop and freestyle team will hold a live performance 

Saturday 01.10

“Little stories of yesterday and today!”                                                                                        11:00


Central Municipal Library of the Municipality of Athens, garden, 2 Domokou 2, Larissa Station


In the context of the young child’s search for his/her identity, the Smyrna heritage comes as a historical challenge for a child’s journey through time. Through the pedagogical action organised by the Karamela Kindergarten and Nursery School, visitors have the opportunity to get in touch with small morsels of the history of Asia Minor and Smyrna through their senses. Folk stories will be told, architectural creations will be collected and a large frame of Smyrna will be made and in the end.The finished work, representing  the visitor’s memory will be symbolically “sent” to those places of memory and history.


With the “Agios Pavlos improvement society”    

Agios Pavlos Square  

In a musical and dance performance full of emotions and memories of Asia Minor, EIrini Toubaki performs songs of the East with the accompaniment of a five-piece orchestra and the dance group of the St. Pavlos  improvement society.

Nikos Milas (violin), Kostas Arsenis (double bass), Evi Kanellou (traditional percussion), Athina Kuki (cannon), Marios Strophalis (piano).

Sunday 02.10


Park Petanque  – Diligianni and Andromachi (opposite the Attica traffic police station) 

Open Petanque play 10:00 – 17:00

Come meet us and have fun with the traditional French team sport, petanque that has conquered the Greek public. It is open to all ages regardless of gender and fitness. There is a demonstration first and then a tournament. Free participation.  

Painters in Montmartre 10:00 – 13:00

Street painters draw Montmartre and its world to the sounds of french music. 

Artists: Thomas Galatos, Panagiotis Gritzos, Dimitris Kokoris

Parallel children’s programme by the artist Lia Koutelieri.

Fanis Kafousias(Mime) 11:00 – 13:00

The beloved mime Fanis Kafousias offers us a highly entertaining event with modern mime modalities and wave-like dance. 

Philharmonic Orchestra of the Municipality of Athens 12:00

Teatro – Theama Group 12:00 – 13:00 

The “Teatro – Theama” acrobat  group will thrill us  with interactive events and happenings.

Thursday 06.10

Karagiozis the refugee 19:30

Agios Pavlos Square  

The ubiquitous Karagiozis, so in our play, finds himself in Smyrna in 1922, trying to escape the persecution and massacres that the Turks are about to carry out. All his friends, Stavrakas, Morphonios, Dionysios etc. will seek refuge in Karagiozis’ shack. They must find a way to get out of Smyrna. The Pasha of Smyrna along with his warlike officer will pursue them. All our friends are making an escape plan. Will they manage to escape and find refuge in Free Greece?

The performance is performed by Socrates Kotsores. With the kind sponsorship of S.EK.B.

Friday 07.10

“BAILE DE BARRIO” dance group 20:00                    

Karaiskaki Square, Metaxourgeio        

A cosmopolitan live show with tango and waltz by the dance group Baile de Barrio with the musical accompaniment of “Dimos Vougioukas Trio”.

Dimos  Vougioukas: Bandoneon

Dimitris Koufogiorgos : Guitar

Kostas Arsenis : Contrabass

Saturday 08.10

DEVA – Circus show 20:00

Agios Pavlos Square

By request of all the fans of the  festival, the internationally acclaimed fire performer DEVA (Antonis Pasvantis) and Tonia Banila return to captivate us with an exciting spectacle of multiple flaming objects and dynamic choreographies.

This will be followed by a dj street party by Yg tse & Kiko.

Sunday 09.10

Park petanque – Diligianni and Andromachi (opposite the Attica traffic police) 

Open court petanque for all ages and fitness levels. 10:00 – 17:00


Agios Pavlos Square

We all come together in an open concert with traditional Smyrna songs to keep the musical heritage and the memory of the lost homelands alive. Together with the acclaimed

 singer Katie Koullia and the 

virtuoso musicians 

Kyriakos Gouventas (violin)

Vassilis Smanis (lute, singing)

 Ioanna Riga (santouri)

Indoor stage gigs

Friday 30.09

LINA RODOPOULOU 21:30                

L.U.X Athens, 26 Psarron & Maizonos, Metaxourgeio

Tel. 2105240888. Entrance: 8 euros

Lina Rodopoulou, on song and Celtic harp, presents a tribute to the music of Asia Minor. The beloved traditional sounds of our lost homelands acquire new form under the sound of the Celtic harp, where tradition is highlighted through a more sensual aesthetic. 

With her:  Christos Koumousis on piano and Chrysanthi Tzovani on Yayli Tambur and oud

Λινα ροδοπουλου


Concerto Cafe Artistic, Mayer 18 & Maizonos, Metaxourgeio               

Tel. 2105243330. Entrance: 8 euros 

Double bassist Dinos Manos in a special duet with pianist Dimitris Verdinoglou present their favourite compositions from the Great American Songbook and other influences, always under the prism oftheir own unique aesthetic.


BeeRaki, Psiloritis 6, Larissa Station  

Tel. 2108822322. Entrance: 5 euros

Guitarist Billy Kakos approaches two musical worlds with parallel social paths: the rebetiko of pre-war Greece as influenced by refugee Smyrna artists such as Delias, Eitziridis, Tundas, Papazoglou, Skarvelis, etc. and, on the other side of the watershed, the blues of former slaves in the southern states of the USA.

Saturday 1.10

  KONTRAFOURIS TRIO 21:30        

L.U.X Athens, 26 Psarron & Maizonos, Metaxourgeio

Tel. 2105240888. Entrance: 10 euros

The trio will showcase a “best of” from their most recent albums

 “Deep south”, “Tribute to Bill Evans” and “The passing”. 

Pericles Trivolis (double bass)

Dimitris Klonis (drums)

George Kontrafouris (piano)

DILEMMA 21:30          

Concerto Cafe Artistic, 18 Mayer & Maizonos, Metaxourgeio, Athens, Greece               

Tel. 2105243330. Entrance: 8 euros 

Dilemma takes a look back in time and recreates different interpretations on music and stories, combining Western forms with an Eastern flavour. Introducing new improvisational elements, they give us an inspiring soundtrack, where the music generates images reminiscent of a film, giving another dimension to the uprooting, loss and experiences that have marked and left their imprint on our world today. 

 Sotiris Trangas (narration, saxophone, voice)

 Popi Dalachani (guitar)

 Korina Tranga (violin)

 Solis Barki (percussion).


BeeRaki, Psiloritis 6, Larissa Station  

Tel. 2108822322. Entrance: 5 euros

The acclaimed jazz guitarist and composer Giorgos Krommydas with Giorgos Patsiotis on guitar and vocals, and Manos Loutas on double bass. The two guitars and the vocals of G.Patsiotis play a dominant role in the sound of the band, taking us back to the 40s & 50s and the swing era. The imposing solos of George Krommidas connect the sound of today with the jazz tradition of Charlie Christian and Django Reinhardt. The double bassist M.Loutas completes the puzzle, always with fun, rhythm and swing mood.

Sunday 2.10


BeeRaki, Psiloritis 6, Larissa Station  

Tel. 2108822322. Entrance: 5 euros

Nasia Sotirchou, accompanied by Giorgos Goorzoulidis on the piano, performs in her own unique way, songs that bear, 100 years later, the imprint of the cultural heritage of Smyrna, songs-bridges of yesterday with today, full of colours, aromas and memories.


Concerto Cafe Artistic, Mayer 18 & Maizonos, Metaxourgeio, Metaxourgeio               

Tel. 2105243330. Entrance: 8 euros

The trio of pianist and composer Yannis Papadopoulos presents a mixture of modern jazz, romanticism and rock aesthetics, approaching these different influences with a common sound, in original compositions, jazz standards as well as covers of pop and rock songs. 

Yannis Papadopoulos (piano), Dinos Manos (bass), Dimitris Klonis (drums)


L.U.X Athens, 26 Psarronos & Maizonos, Metaxourgeio, Athens, Greece

Tel. 2105240888. Entrance: 10 euros

The Mexican Martha Moreleon (voice, percussion) meets the music composer Petros Dourdombakis (voice, jura, baglama) and together with the Scorpios Scorpios: Sofia Kyrikidou (voice, guitar) and Yannis Metaxas (voice, bouzouki), honour the songs of  Asia Minor and intertwine them with compositions by Petros Dourdombakis and other great greek creators.

Monday 3.10


Concerto Cafe Artistic, Mayer 18 & Maizonos, Metaxourgeio               

Tel. 2105243330. Entrance: 8 euros

Based on the collection “Myth” by G.Seferis and the settings by M.Theodorakis, G.Markopoulos, Dimos Moutsis, a musical analogue performance is woven, based on the Asia Minor Catastrophe and the theme of today’s Greece, one hundred years later. The speech of the great Smyrna, apt, pithy and timeless, describes the past with melancholic nostalgia and points with insight to the desired future, in the way that only a great poet can.

Maria Alamani-Nathanaelidou (song),

Nikos Hadjieλευθεiou (guitar)

Michalis Tranoudakis (piano, selection and editing of texts and songs)


L.U.X Athens, 26 Psarron & Maizonos, Metaxourgeio

Tel. 2105240888. Entrance: 6 euros

Kostas Mantzios in a special musical tribute for the anniversary and in  memory of the 100 years since the Asia Minor catastrophe. The programme includes songs from the folk repertoire, composers such as D.Moutsis, A.Kaldaras, etc., and poets – lyricists such as M.Eleftheriou, Pythagoras, L.Papadopoulos, etc., who were inspired by the tragic events and its catalytic consequences for Hellenism. The programme’s epilogue includes traditional songs from the lost homelands.

Kostas Mantzios : voice

Argyris Dinas: bouzouki

Thanasis Aeginitis: drums

Lefteris Mavromatis: keyboards, music supervision

Tuesday 4.10

A TOAST TO MUSIC  21:30    

BeeRaki, Psiloritis 6, Larissa Station  

Tel. 2108822322. Entrance: 5 euros

With roots in the beautiful Aivali, Dimitris Aivaliotis and his friends promise us a fun night dressed with folk, traditional and ethnic songs – 5 singles and a brand new album combined with well-known melodies. 

The denominator is always the same: the musical craze. To merge our hearts and souls. To light our lighters. To join our fingertips.

Dimitris Aivaliotis (voice)

 Dimitris Christodoulopoulos (guitar)

 Elias Pourtsidis (bouzouki).

Wednesday 5.10

KOTZAMAN BAND 21:30        

BeeRaki, Psiloritis 6, Larissa Station  

Tel. 2108822322. Entrance: 5 euros

Kotzaman Band share their love for the musical traditions of the Eastern Mediterranean and the Balkans, interpreting tunes from Asia Minor, the Aegean islands, northern Greece and elsewhere, with voices, single or polyphonic, as is characteristic of their musical identity. 

Kostas Zefkilis (oud)

 Chrysanthi Mourti (guitar, singing)

 Maro Panagi (percussion, singing)

 Stelios Chrysanthopoulos (violin, singing)


Concerto Cafe Artistic, Mayer 18 & Maizonos, Metaxourgeio, Athens, Greece               

Tel. 2105243330. Entrance: 8 euros

The musical program includes 2 bands. Anna Laari (voice) and Nicole Karali (piano) present favorite songs, both urban and art songs, of Asia Minor composers (K. Giannidis / G. Konstantinidis, M. Kalomiris, M. Sougioul, L. Kanaris). Zafeiro Hadjifotiou (voice) and Michalis Papageorgiou (piano) perform urban and traditional sounds of the lost homelands.


L.U.X Athens, 26 Psarron & Maizonos, Metaxourgeio, Athens.

Tel. 2105240888. Entrance: 9 euros

An audiovisual performance that takes us on a journey through the genealogy of Rebetika and the stories of its protagonists. The Rebetiko, yesterday and today.

Guitarte Ensemble.

Research – Videos: Vasilika Sarilaki (art historian, journalist)

Thursday 6.10

ALONE TOGETHER 21:30          

BeeRaki, Psiloritis 6, Larissa Station  

Tel. 2108822322. Entrance: 5 euros

Alone Together Trio present their own compositions, material from their new album and Jazz Standards, enriched with elements of other musical traditions, such as Greek, contributing to the multicultural atmosphere of the city – as, a century ago, it was enriched by the settlement of the Asia Minor refugees. 

Petros Zorbas (guitar)

 Thodoris Maraidonis (double bass)

 Evangelia Stavrou (drums).



Concerto Cafe Artistic, Mayer 18 & Maizonos, Metaxourgeio.         

Tel. 2105243330. Entrance: 8 euros

A retrospective on Smyrna in the early 20th century with a projection of rich audiovisual material and live music. A selection of photographs, videos, music, songs and oral testimonies that take us back in time, following the path that marked Smyrna: from a cosmopolitan centre of the East to the tragedy of destruction and the refugees that fled from it.

Nikos Poulakis (art direction, audiovisual composition) 

Sofia Mermiga (cannon, singing)

 Georgia Marini (violin)

 Spyros Pratilas (piano).

MY ASIA MINOR  21:30            

L.U.X Athens, 26 Psarron & Maizonos, Metaxourgeio

Tel. 2105240888. Entrance: 10 euros

Music performance based on the book of the same name by Ilias Papakonstantinou (published by Angelakis – Attikos). The poetic work, dedicated to the memory of the refugees and their violent uprooting from their magical land, is interspersed with music and well-known songs by the renowned performers Argyro Kaparou and Thelma Karagianni and the musicians Georgia Tsolaki (violin) and Areti Kokkinou (guitar). In addition, poems of the author set to music by Areti Kokkinou will be performed.


Narration: Anna Psarra (actress) and Elias Papakonstantinou (poet).

Friday 7.10


Aggelon Vima, foyer, 36 Satovriandou Street, Metaxourgeio 

Tel. 2105242211. Entrance: 10 euros 

The singer and songwriter Teti Kasionis meets pianist Markos Kotsias for a unique musical performance with songs from the singer’s personal discography and from her new album “From Chestnut and Eros”, with lyrics by Ilias Papakonstantinou and music by her.  A programme full of light, travelling from the centre of Athens to the Balkans, Italy, Portugal, France and touching the most distant seas.

τραγουδοποιός Τέτη Κασιώνη συναντά τον πιανίστα Μάρκο Κώτσια για μία μοναδική μουσική παράσταση με τραγούδια από την προσωπική δισκογραφία της ερμηνεύτριας καθώς και από το νέο άλμπουμ της  “Από Κάστανο και Έρωτα”, σε στίχους Ηλία Παπακωνσταντίνου και μουσική της ίδιας.  Ένα πρόγραμμα γεμάτο φως, που ταξιδεύει από το κέντρο της Αθήνας στα Βαλκάνια, την Ιταλία, την Πορτογαλία, τη Γαλλία και αγγίζει τις πιο μακρινές θάλασσες.


BeeRaki, Psiloritis 6, Larissa Station  

Tel. 2108822322. Entrance: 5 euros

Through texts of writers who narrate everyday life and socio-cultural events in Smyrna comes music that takes us on a journey in search of its magical atmosphere. We are transported to that crossroads of cultures, customs and traditions, where time has nourished  myth and made it sprout art.

Kostas Vlahopoulos (chromatic harmonica)

 Vasiliki Christopoulou (lute, voice)

 Dora Sopasoudaki (narration)

 Vasiliki Tsibouki (piano, artistic editing)

JAZZ TALES  21:30         

Concerto Cafe Artistic, Mayer 18 & Maizonos, Metaxourgeio, Metaxourgeio               

Tel. 2105243330. Entrance: 8 euros

Nasia Gofa and JAZZ TALES, just before the release of their new album with Jazz standards and original compositions, have prepared a special evening. Nasia Gofa, experienced, and deeply knowledgeable about Jazz music exchanges melodic lines with the virtuoso pianist Stefanos Kozanis and the polyrhythmic double bassist Kostas Patsiotis.

A HUG OF SONGS 21:30          

L.U.X Athens, 26 Psarron & Maizonos, Metaxourgeio

Tel. 2105240888. Entrance: 10 euros

A meeting of the exceptional musicians Chr.Tsiamoulis (vocals, oud, nep), Kyriakos Gkouwendas (violin), Vassilis Ketetzoglou (guitar) and Tasos Pouliou (vocals, cannon). The programme includes songs from the composer’s old and new discography, as well as traditional music from the Eastern side of the Aegean (Constantinople, the coast of Asia Minor, Smyrna) along with many improvisations.

Saturday 8.10

MANOUCHEDROME 21:30            

BeeRaki, Psiloritis 6, Larissa Station  

Tel. 2108822322. Entrance: 5 euros

Manouchedrome present their new musical project aiming to promote the Parisian musical genre “musette”. They cover songs with intense theatricality and nostalgic overtones while moving exclusively to French lyrics, taking the audience to the Paris of the iconic personalities of Edith Piaf, Charles Aznavour, Georges Brassens, as well as Café Chantant.


Dimitris Psallidas (solo guitar – composition), Nikolas Spatoulas (rhythm guitar), Nikitas Fousteris (double bass), Alina Sapranidou (accordion), Nadia Mantis (voice).

CHRISTINA PSYCHA 21:30            

Concerto Cafe Artistic, 18 Mayer & Maizonos, Metaxourgeio, Athens, Greece               

Tel. 2105243330. Entrance: 6 euros

With her first album, “Violetera”, Christina Psycha showed a special expressiveness singing an inventive arrangements of songs that aim to describe Spring, in its broadest sense. Together with Nicolas Anadolis on piano and Damian Gomez on percussion, they will perform compositions from the album, new unreleased songs and covers of classic favourites.

LAST NIGHT 21:30            

L.U.X Athens, 26 Psarron & Maizonos, Metaxourgeio

Tel. 2105240888. Entrance: 10 euros

A jazz look at yesterday’s Greek music, from iconic composers such as Giannidis, Kapnisis, Spartakos, Mouzakis, Morakis,all put in mainstream jazz arrangements, in constant conversation with the jazz of their time. The performance, as well as the album of the same name, is dedicated to the great Greek jazz pianist, Manolis Mikelis.

Athena Rootsi (vocals), Giorgos Georgiadis (bass), Giorgos Polychronakos (drums), Dimitris Kalantzis (piano, orchestration)


Ruins or Monuments

Cultural Centre of the Municipality of Athens, 20 Agios Pavlos 20, Larissa Station 

Opening night: Friday, September 30, at 19:00.

Visit hours: Daily, 10:00-21:00                                                        (the curator will be present 17:00-21:00).

Curator:Eirini Nanouri

…Blessed people, living ruins… say tourists visiting our country in the cartes postales they send back to their homelands. Ruins, a word with an ambiguous meaning. Ruins or monuments? The human potential that followed the Asia Minor Catastrophe is also the main instrument that makes 1922 a pillar in today’s world despite the devastation caused by one of the greatest tragedies in modern European history. A large group of gifted and talented people who grew up, lived and were educated in one of the most important commercial, cultural and urban centres of the world at the time to become, in the process, the intellectual wealth that created new psychogeographies across the continents. Smyrna was a metropolis, cosmopolitan, erotic, eternal. Simple in its vastness. And if this population pluralism, which seems like a colourful fairy tale, eventually became a vessel of election, Smyrna and its histories are, 100 years later, a foundation for Hellenism, teaching in an exemplary manner the supremacy of the spirit in all the manifestations in which man lives, creates and feels.   

Forty-one artists embrace the imprint of the Smyrna disaster, expressing through original artworks their perception of the Asia Minor culture as the foundation of domestic civilization and the dichotomy between the monumental moments that humanity experiences every time people are uprooted, creatively introducing the negotiation with the future. 

Participating artists: 

Avagianou Rena, Vazoukou Irini, Vaxevanidi Despina, Ventouris Andreas, Galanopoulou Eugenia, Galatos Thomas, Gialeli Anna, Gritzos Panagiotis, Efthymiou Yannis, Zobola Konstantina, Zouba Eleni, Kalamani Irini, Kalapothakou Elena, Kanellopoulou Athena, Kartsonaki Pandora, Katemidou Mandy, Kehagia Elizabeth, Koikas Spyros, Kokoris Dimitris, Kraniotis Marilena, Kyriakidou Sofia, Kyriakou Sofia, Mathianaki Io, Margaritis Kostas, Mahairidis Efstratia, Bakas Panagiotis, Bari Alexandra, Batsios Orpheus, Boviatsou Lambrini, Brendas Panagiotis, Nikolaidis Andreas, Papadouli Aphrodite, Patiti Theodora, Simantira Christina-Sylvia, Stavrou Tita, Tzampa Ioanna, Fakarou Dimitra, Falinas Stefanos, Hatzi Athena, Hatzistefanou Anna-Maria, Hiotinis Nikos

1922-2022 : Days of memory and reflection

Group Art Exhibition

National Conservatory, Mayer 18, Vathi Square

Visit hours: Daily, 17:00 – 21:00

Opening night: Saturday 1.10, 19:00 

Curator:   Lia Koutelieri

The hall is a courtesy of the “Kin Kibbutz” community

Καλλιόπη Βουτζαλη

Thousands of people left with a suitcase in hand, carrying only their most precious personal belongings. Some left with only a suitcase of memories. The aromas, tastes, melodies, photographs, traditions and daily habits of cosmopolitan Smyrna are kept alive by travelling from generation to generation and are a source of inspiration and creation even today. The lost homelands have always dominated the silences and stories of the uprooted Greeks of Asia Minor while at the same time becoming part of the collective memory of the entire Greek people. 

The present exhibition is a small ark of memory, nostalgic and somber, for the important historical events that marked the course of the Greek element in the East, as well as for the small everyday events that have become an experience in today’s world. 

The works of painting, sculpture and photography create conditions ideal for us to travel to the past and to reflect on its imprint on 21st century Greece. 

Participants: M.Aristotelous, S.Asimaki, M.Vlaserou, K.Vougzali, V.Yalama, P.Kalvis, K.Kullia, L.Koutelieri, V.Loudakis, L.Margaroni, S.Mitsakou, A.Birlis, G.Papavasiliou, M.Papavasiliou, E.Pehlivani, T.Sempsis, I.Tsumas, K.Hraniotis.

1922-Το πέρασμα

Photo exhibition and a history of war

Venue : Match Point, Aignanos 1 (GSEE pedestrian street, Victoria metro stop)

Visit hours: 11.00 to 13.00 and 17.00 to 21.00

Opening: Sunday 2.10, 17:00

With photographs from the past as irrefutable witnesses, we invoke Mnemosyne and continue to this day to wonder:

When does memory fade? When do the nightmares subside? When does the soul calm down? When does pain fade? Where does sorrow go when it’s gone?

“You remember the harbour. Quite a few beautiful things floated on the surface of the water. That was the only time in my life where I thought I was imagining things. You didn’t care so much about the women who gave birth as you did about those who held onto their dead children. They held them close. It’s a wonder how few of them died. We just covered them with something and let them get on board. They always chose the darkest part of the hold so they could hold them in their arms. None of them cared about anything else after they left the dock.”

(Ernest Hemingway, On the Smyrna Quay, excerpt)

Note: Hemingway, although he delivered a very careful and thorough reportage, never reached Smyrna and was not an eyewitness to the Holocaust in the martyred city.

Research and curator of the exhibition. Nikoletta Diamantakou

We would like to thank the Centre for Asia Minor Studies for the loan of the archival material.

Video : “Carte Postale”

A story by Elizabeth Barakou, archaeologist

This journey of memory revives – in an unorthodox form – moments from the life of Greek troops on the soil of Asia Minor during the war. Photographic snapshots, printed in the form of postcards, travel from the trenches and end up, years later, in an antique shop in Istanbul. From there, purchased as precious relics of ancestral testimonies, they are bequeathed to the archive of a quirky and romantic custodian. A story drawn from 17 vintage postcards tells of life in the war.


The video will be shown throughout the exhibition.

Closing Day

SUNDAY 09.10

WE PLAY PETANQUE 10:00 – 17:00

Petanque Park – Diligianni and Andromachi (opposite the Attica traffic police) 

Free participation.


See Street events  and open concerts – Sunday 9.10

DJ PARTY 21:30

Concerto Cafe Artistic, Mayer 18 & Maizonos, Metaxourgeio                

Come and party until late at our farewell party on the patio of the most artistic boutique in Metaxourgeio and renew our appointment for the next Little Paris of Athens!